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 The Rules

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PostSubject: The Rules   January 11th 2008, 8:23 am

Exclamation THE RULES Exclamation

NO TRADING (At least until we make a system to allow feedback)

NO SCAMMING (Scamming is trading and you never send the item, this rule also appies to the grab bag)

NO BEING RUDE (Never Ever be mean to another member, this may result in temporary, or perminent banning)

NO BAD PICZ ( Yeah, You know what I am talking about, any picture that even if slightly could offend
someone is not allowed, and will result in perminent banning)

NO BAD WORDZ ( No bad wordz allowed!! This will result in 1 warning, then perminent banning)

NO BRAGGING ( I understand "YAY, I got a new webkinz!", I am talking about, "Ha Ha! I got a webkinz and
YOU didn't" This is wrong and will not be allowed!)

NO RUDENESS (No fighting, no rudeness, I am not going to allow any member to make fun of, and/or offended. This may result in permented banning)

These rules have been created to for this website to be safe for all webkinz fanz
If anyone has broken these rules in any way, please help us and report it asap
Thank You
Your Webkinz Rock Staff
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The Rules
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